Friends of Newport Beach Animal Shelter is dedicated to serving the needs of lost and stray animals in Newport Beach and finding forever homes for these animals.   It also serves residents by reuniting lost pets with their owners, assisting with licensing, and emergency shelter in case an owner is in an accident or even jail. These functions make it even more mandatory that we operate our own Shelter right in Newport Beach.  The Shelter is currently operated by the Newport Beach Police Department’s Animal Control Division and housed on leased property.  Our goal is to supplement the funding needed so as to provide a permanent location and improved facilities for care of the animals.   By providing funding and increasing community interest, we will build a brighter future for these animals and the families who reunite or adopt them.  

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 For the first time in Newport Beach’s history, the city owns a municipal animal shelter!  The City Council formally accepted our donation of the almost-completed new facility as a permanent animal shelter for the City of Newport Beach that will replace the currently leased shelter.

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